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Sachai Ki Taqat (1989) DvDRip [Ft.Dharmendra]
Relese Date : 1989 Genre : Action,Drama Runtime : 2h14m
Director : Rama Rao Tatineni Cast : Bob Christo,Dharmendra,Govinda,Shakti Kapoor
Description : Havaldar Ram Singh has been a constable with Bombay Police for several years,and is known for his honesty and helpful nature. He has a run-in with a gangster, and findsout that this gangster is protected by very influential people. When he attempts to address this issue, his brother, Sagar, is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he claims he did not commit. Ram, however, is able to convince thejudge of Sagar's innocence, and gets him released. Then Ramcomes across the real prepetrator of the crime, and brings him over to the police station, and finds himself embroiled in deception, and charged with the murder of the person he had just brought in.
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