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Shahjahan (1946) dvdrip
Genre-Drama, History, Romance . Cast-K.L. Sehgal,Ragini. Rahman
Plot-Circa the Mugal rule in Hindustan, Shahjahan, the present emperor is approached by one of his subjects, whose daughter, Ruhi, is so beautiful, that her suitors have killedher to-be grooms, as well as two of her brothers, who came to her aid. He now seeks the Emperor's assistance. Appalled at this, the Emperor confers with his Queen, Mumtaz, and upon her advise asks the father to bring his daughter to bea guest of the palace, and it is from here that a suitor will be chosen by none other than his royal majesty himself. The father does as asked, but one of the Queen's aide is troubled by Ruhi's august presence, that she fears that the Emperor may take a liking toher, and make her hisbegum. Sheplots a devious scheme so that Ruhi is promised to get married to Shiraz. The matter gets quitecomplicated as Ruhi has already been promised to Sohail. TheEmperor and his Queen are so perturbed by this situation, that both become ill. The situation is resolved when Sohail decides to give Ruhi up so that she can marry Shiraz - but notuntil Mumtaz tragically passesaway.Devastated and heart-broken by her death, Shah Jahan feels that she can be made immortal by the building ofa royal tomb, and asks Shiraz tocome up with such a Mahal. Watch asevents begin to unfold, that will finally give rise to one of the seven wonders of the world - The Taj Mahal.
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