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Shola Aur Shabnam [1992] DVD
Release Date: 23 January 1992 starcast: Govinda, Divya Bharati, Gulshan Grover
Plot: The spoiled and arrogant brother, Bali, of notorious gangster, Kali Baba, enlists in the National Cadet Corps, and wants to have his way with his fellow-students and trainer, Inder Mohan Lahti, with comical results. When he meets Divya Thapa for the first time, he is smitten by her, and wants to marry her by hook or by crook. But Divya is in love with Karan, and both plan to marry each other. Circumstances act againstthem, and they flee together, with Kali Baba's men, and Divya's Police Commissioner dad, Yashpal Thapa, in hot pursuit, to an unknown destination, surrounded by a web of lies, deception, and no known resource to assist them.
Duration: 2hrs 45mins size 220mb+
125.99 MB
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