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Shrimaan Satyawadi (1960) Dvdrip
Genre -Action, Crime, Drama, Romance
Cast- Raj kapor. Shakila. Mahmod .
Plot-Vijaykumar lives a poor lifestyle along with his honest store-owner widower father, Mohanlal, in a small town. The latter sells his merchandise at a reasonable price much to the chagrin of his competitor, Lalchand, who plants drugs in hisstore and has him arrested. Unable to bear the shock and humiliation, he passes away, leaving Vijaykumar in the care ofhis doctor. The latter grows up, becomesa graduate in Science, and re-locates to Bombay to be employed and live with wealthy Champalal and his daughter, Geeta. Vijaykumar does not know that Champalal's partner isnone other than Lalchand, whowants his son, Kishore, to wed Geeta,and is all set to create obstacles and challenges for him by marketing untested creams and painkillers.
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