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Sign Your .sisx Files Using FreeSigner

To sign .sisx application downloadFree Signer from below Link and Install and Open it.
Download Free Signer
1. First go to setting.

2. In its setting it will show following options: a. Self sign cert b. Self sign key c. Self sign key pass d. Sign cert e. Sign key f. Sign key pass g. Output Directory h. Save last adding path. In this setting change only two options. d. Sign cert e. Sign key Now select your cert and key bybrowsing in memory card through the (d) and (e) options.

3. Now you will see add task option.

4. Now browse to memory card to add an unsigned .sisx file.

5. Now add .sisx file through options.

6. There will be 3 options shown on screen while adding the .sisx file.

Select Remove Sign Option. 7. Now select go option.

Now .sisx file will be change into.sis file.
Now just sign this file again with your cert and key through SignSis
OR Free Signer by selecting "signsis" option after adding the .sis file from freesigner.
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