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» Hack With HelloOX 2
What is HelloOX2?

HelloOX2 is a One step Hacking tool for Symbian S60 3rd, 3rd FP1, 3rd FP2, 5th smartphones. Hacking mean that getting full access to the phone's system files,
with that capability, we can install a root certificate, and with the root certificate, we can install anything we want to mod the phone, include the Manufacturer capabilities requested applications. Completely fix annoying certificate error!
=> Download

=> Download

How to use it?
* Install then run it. All steps will run automatic, your phone will be Hacked in a minute. UnHacking:
* Run HelloOX2 again after Hacking,it'll prompt a menu let you choose UnHack or Hack again.

What HelloOX2 does?
1. Map drive
2. Unpack Hacking files to the virtual drive
3. Activate file system
4. Unmap drive
5. Install root certificate
6. Install RomPatcher (by Il.Socio)
7. Done
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