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» Just Hack It!
Just Hack It! Version: 1.1

Application for easy hacking of any smartphone based on Symbian OS.
Made by hacking Root Certificatehack from stas686
The authors of the application: CODeRUS and Kolayuk
Download The ATTACHMENT File
In archive two files: CertUpdater.sisx - it is Nokia Ovi Provisioner
CertHack_Installer.sis - aka Just HackIt!
1. Sign CertHack_Installer.sis ( personal certificate )
2. Installing CertUpdater.sisx. If the phone says that application is already installed, you can not put the file. This component is part of an update for OviStore.
3. Install-signed CertHack_Installer.sis
4. In the menu click on the icon HackIt! and wait for the end of the break-in. During the burglary application installs the rootcertificate Leftup into the system. For smartphones S^3 will be automatically installed FileBrowser S^3. For all other smartphones will beinstalled RomPatcherPlus v2.6. Also at 9.4, and S^3 is copied Installserver (during the break will be asked), then you can install any unsigned applications. Others use the patch in RomPatcher or copy themselves Installserver for your smartphone (copy to folder c: / sys / bin). Installserver for your phone, youcan download it here

To gain full access to systemfolders owners S^3 shouldbe used FileBrowser. Do not forget to go to settings, go to the second tab and put into all of Yes!.
The owners of other smartphones simply apply the patch in Open4all RomPatcher. After a successful break immediately remove HackIt!.When you restart the application freezes and have to reboot the phone. When an error occurs, the application will ask to reboot thephone, agree and after restarting run HackIt! again
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